Sunday, March 10, 2013

Furever Disgusted.

As a fashion enthusiast and freelance stylist, one trend that never caught on to me was fur. The idea of wearing something else's skin and warmth has always and will always disgust me. When I see girls (or guys) representing fur, I see them representing murder. We'd like to think we use the animals that have passed on, but that's simply not the case. Animals are trapped, electrocuted vaginally or anally, gassed, their necks are snapped and everything in between.
When an animal is caught in a trap, it can take days before the trapper removes them. About 1 In 4 animals escape by CHEWING off his or her own leg or paw. The escaped animals will die from blood loss, gangrene, fever or more likely killed by a predator.

People will justify it by saying fur is a byproduct of the meat industry and this is simply not true. This is a justification to the ignorant. Fur comes from the animals who are factory- farmed or trapped purely for fashion.

Not only is this completely inhumane, but the fur industry is a huge threat to our environment. Fur buyers are contributing to the depletion of wildlife (including endangered species), pollution, land destruction, and higher energy costs.

On March 7, 2013, Slovenian parliament voted for a ban on breeding and hunting animals for their fur, feather or skin, and a ban on animals in circuses and similar shows. This is a result of intensive campaigning, petitioning and educating.
Educate everyone. Petition. Make yourself heard.

It's time for us to evolve as human beings and end the barbaric atrocity that is the fur industry.

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